Privately-owned company, Brad Realty is a fully integrated real estate services organization, emerging as a rising developer of quality homes and extraordinary communities in the Bucharest urban environment.

We pride ourselves for creating our own ecosystem with professionals in all facets of the business, including design and construction, project management, land planning and zoning, legal, accounting and human capital management, property management and projects finance.

Founded by Alexandru Brad on the principles of providing outstanding service and consistent value for clients and partners. His own motto “Creating the better Future by developing the Now” stands at the core of our belief, much more than simple words, they represent the expression of vision, vitality and renewal.

Founded on tradition

Real estate development has been in the Brad family tradition for generations, with projects in the residential and commercial area across Romania. Brad Realty always adheres to the values inherited: care and concern for the communities, creativity with purpose in mind, planning with passion, execution made to perfection.

Born out of success

A successful endeavour is never the result of single person, but the distilled efforts of a great team of people following common path towards a singular goal. Brad Realty is born out of the cumulative success of each member of our team, starting with our founder to our exceptional architects, engineers, financial advisers, human resources managers and communication experts. Each among Brad Realty’s members is a born leader, and together they write the successful story of our company.

Developed through ambition

When you set yourself standards that are so high compared to the rest, probably the most important way to achieve them is through ambition. Our ambition to offer the best-in-class properties in Bucharest is unwavering. What some my consider “luxury standards” and “too much” in our obsession for perfection in execution, we consider normal standards. And we always work hard so that our “normal” standards will keep surprising you years and years after you have become a proud proprietor of our creations.

Still writing the history to come

With tens of years of experience, hundred of thousands of square meters of real estate developed and successful careers divided among our executive partners, we consider the story of Brad Realty still young and in the making, as we strive to improve and change for the better the living standards and the overall urban design of our beautiful city. We are proud of our beginnings as we are of our history so far, yet even more we are excited about the projects we are preparing. While still writing the history to come, we invite you to stay tuned in by following us through you favourite social media platform or by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Environmental Responsibility

At Brad Realty we have build a reputation for responsible land use by combining exceptional development and architectural design with a rare sensibility for the environment. Out goal is to constantly improve our expertise in the development and management of high-performance and sustainable buildings.

Among the many steps we take towards achieving our goals we:

  • insure building systems operate at ideal capacity giving maximized equipment life and efficiency
  • minimize operating and repair costs
  • green roof (where possible) – creates improved air quality, reduces heat island effect and controls the amount of water released to storm water systems
  • select new projects close to metro stations and public transport (minimizing carbon foot print)
  • use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and adhesives
  • use only Low-E glass

We are committed to maintaining sustainable business practices through the use of high-performance building materials, state-of-the-art technology and construction techniques in order to minimize the impact to our environment.  Our entire organization is tasked with identifying methods to reduce the use of natural resources and improve energy conservation.

Corporate Partners
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